Now Is the Time To Discover Global Franchise Group’s Franchise Opportunities in Qatar!

Contrary to what you might think, fast food franchises are not limited to hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza. Global Franchise Group, or GFG, has four unique brands that offer the convenience of fast food, with added variety. 

The popularity of fast food franchises in Qatar means that you are not limited to hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken. Global Franchise Group, or GFG, has become the experts in quick service restaurant franchises, so we have the resources to help you make your franchise great.

GFG already has a presence in Qatar, with Marble Slab Creamery and Pretzelmaker both thriving in different parts of the country. Our other brands—Hot Dog on a Stick and Great American Cookies—are poised for growth in the area. GFG uses quality ingredients and tried and tested recipes to offer our customers the delicious snacks and treats that we are famous for.

Learn more about our brands and download brochures about our international franchise opportunities below.

  • Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick

Launched in sunny California in 1946 on the beach in Santa Monica, Hot Dog on a Stick epitomizes delicious, American food. After opening its second location in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1973, Hot Dog on a Stick has expanded with locations as far apart as Brazil, Korea, and the Philippines. Our fresh, hot, made-to-order hot dog on a stick combines perfectly with our hand-stomped lemonade and outstanding customer service, making it obvious why this is a customer favorite.

The Benefits of Working with Us

  • Recognizable brand name to bring in business
  • Thorough training for all new franchisees
  • Expert support through the life of your business
  • Individual creativity to make business decisions

An Industry Worth $141 Billion

The quick service restaurant industry is growing explosively. Also known as fast food, quick service restaurants are expected to be worth US $141 Billion worldwide by 2019.1

Fast food and quick service restaurants are incredibly popular in the Middle East. This region is one of the most popular for fast food franchises, as American cuisine has become popular in countries like Qatar. The quick service restaurant industry is worth billions in the Middle East.2 In Qatar especially, most people spend their evenings out at the many shopping malls, where the social lives of the majority of locals is centered.2